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Watersky - Jeff Johnson and Phil Keaggy

Price: $12.00

The musical adventures by the keyboard/guitar duo first began with their popular and critically acclaimed, Frio Suite (2009). Their second collaboration, full of thoughtful melodies, rich textures and sublime segues, takes their listeners on eight new instrumental voyages akin to floating in a canoe through the awe-inspiring Frio river canyon. Available October 2, 2012.

Track List:

1 When We Were Young 6:11

2 To Somewhere Else 7:57

3 WaterSky 8:11

4 When Cicadas Marched 8:11

5 Thermal Dance 7:03

6 Air & Light 5:52

7 The Cody Incident 8:15

8 Waltzing By Moonlight 5:09

Item Number: CD045
Manufacturer: Phil Keaggy Online Store
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