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The Uncle Duke Project

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This remixed and remastered 2-CD set features the original tracks from "Uncle Duke", as well as some new songs, some remixes and an interview with Uncle Duke himself!


1. Duct Tape Univers

2. Hut City

3. My Shadow

4. Poem Without A Name

5. Double Your Pleasure

6. Connie’s Song

7. Digital Maze

8. Riley the Rattler

9. Too Much Green

10. Our Towers (Rock Version)

11. Old Time Love

12. Ballad of Ramona’s Rose


1. Duct Tape Universe (Live Version)

2. My Uncle Duke

3. Union Man

4. Our Towers (Soft Version)

5. Uncle Duke Interview with Brian Mason

6. Polly Wanna Crackup

7. Too Much Green (Long Version)

Item Number: CD026
Manufacturer: Phil Keaggy Online Store
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