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The Key Of David - 'A Different Dream' CD

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In the realm of music and ministry, there should always be a deep sense and dimension of the miraculous. The collaboration of the divine gifting of anointed songwriting, musicianship, friendship, and love for the Lord on this album, truly expresses that reality.

“It was a genuine miracle and immeasurable honor to work together, track by track, with the incomparable and brilliant, Phil Keaggy, as well as a duet with vocal powerhouse, Matthew Ward. I love you guys!” (David Hirsch / ‘The Key of David’)

  1. A Different Dream
  2. Bring It To Me
  3. I Love You Lord
  4. The Remedy
  5. Take Me Back
  6. I’ll Look for You
  7. Pray The Pain
  8. You
  9. I Will Wait For You
  10. Saying Amen

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