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The Cover of Love

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"Cover of Love", the new album from Phil Keaggy, combines both covers and original tracks by one of the world's most renowned guitarists.  This collection of love songs features covers of some of Phil's favorite artists such as The Beach Boys, Paul McCartney, Elvis Presley, and the Moody Blues, as well as co-written new songs with Ken Mansfield, Jon Sexton, Michael Lewis, Mike Radovsky, and Phil's daughter, Olivia.


From soft ballads such as "She Sees Me", to 70's driving rock "Grow With Me", to the Beatle-esque "Where the Morning Dawns", this collection of songs reflects the inspiration of love Phil has received over the years from God, his wife, and his children.

Track List:

1. Between Wyomings

2. Good Vibrations

3. She Sees Me

4. Where Are You Love

5. My Auburn Lady

6. Somedays

7. I Want You, I Need You, I Love You

8. Voices in the Sky

9. Grow With Me

10. Motor of Love

11. What Matters Most

12. Where the Morning Dawns

Item Number: CD038
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