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Phil Keaggy

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Vocal album featuring a blend of Celtic, Rock, and Folk. Goes from driving rock (“Chase the Bad Away”) to warm ballads (“Under the Grace”), to Beatle-esque (“Tender Love”). Features very reflective lyrics, taken from The Continual Burnt Offerings and the writings of St. John Chrysosotom.

Track List: 

1. A Sign Came Through A Window [4:13]

2. Beneath The Blood-Stained Lintel [3:30]

3. Under The Grace [5:01]

4. Above All Things [4:24]

5. My Unspoken Words [4:23]

6. Tender Love [4:39]

7. A Little Bit Of Light [5:48]

8. Chase The Bad Away [4:49]

9. Quite Suddenly [3:35]

10. Days Like You [3:50]

11. Jesus Loves The Church [6:31]

Item Number: CD021
Manufacturer: Phil Keaggy Online Store
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